Tomichi Dome, Colorado

Key Project Information

Purpose: Preliminary Analysis of Geothermal Sources
Method: Spectral-Spatial mapping of remote sensing data
Location: Tomichi Dome, CO
Client: Mt. Princeton Geothermal, LLC
End-User: Mt. Princeton Geothermal, LLC
Dates: 2012
Main Survey Area: Tomichi Dome, Waunita Hot Springs Resort, and adjacent properties
Client Reference: Messrs. John H. Held Mt. Princeton Geothermal, LLC 5005 Christensen Dr. Littleton, CO 80123 (303) 748-0001 (M) (303) 789-7604 (O)

Project Summary

This work was performed in anticipation of a Bureau of Land Management geothermal lease auction announced on November 2, 2011, as “Colorado State Office Competitive Geothermal and Oil & Gas Lease Sale Notice, dated November 2, 2011, for the Lease Sale Auction to be held on February 9, 2012”, as amended on January 12, 2012, as parcels (COC 75274 and COC 75275) and scheduled to be held inDenver, Colorado on February 9, 2012. The ultimate goal of the investigation was to assist Mt. Princeton Geothermal, LLC (the Client) in assessing the appropriateness of bidding on the BLM lease Auction.

Statement of Work

The Client provided the Contractor with coordinates for the primary survey area of interest. This area covers Tomichi Dome, Waunita Hot Springs Resort, and adjacent properties. The BLM lease sale parcels are also partially included in the primary survey area.

The Contractor’s area of investigation includes all of the primary survey area of interest and the surrounding region. Overall, the area between 107° to 106°W in longitude and 38°S to 39°N in latitude was researched. This area was selected due to the Client’s requirements, data availability and data quality.

The SPAN technique relies upon extremely long and reasonably spaced existing aeromagnetic profiles. Appropriate aeromagnetic profiles exist within the area of investigation. Both existing and open-source near-surface aeromagnetic (World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map - WDMAM) and satellite data were used. Data sets were collected at an elevation of 100 km for the greater Western United States. Aeromagnetic data have been used to create a 2D geomagnetic model for the area, with a depth range from 1 to 30–40 km.

Environment, Safety, and Cultural Awareness

DG is committed to minimally disrupting the land, stimulating the local economy and respecting native culture. All work was performed in an office environment. No injuries were incurred during this effort.

Schedule and Budget

All field work was completed and final results were delivered within one month.