Over twenty-three years of experience in the geothermal and oil and gas drilling industry, worked at different worldwide locations in drilling, exploration, and appraisal wells, in difficult circumstances such as: onshore geothermal drilling in Kenya; shallow high-pressure wells; underbalanced drilling; and deep directional high-pressure, high-temperature wells in Indonesia (offshore and onshore), New Zealand, Turkey, Hawaii, and Caribbean Islands. Extensive knowledge of drilling techniques and practices on high-temperature and high-pressure onshore and offshore wells, especially on remote drilling projects and start-up projects, with ability to prioritize under pressure and to problem solve in difficult situations using an analytical approach. Has prepared well and casing designs, drilling programs, HSE policy implementation, well cost budgets and AFE, RFQs, tender evaluation for oil-field services and equipment, permitting and logistics, drill-on-paper exercises, end-of-well reports, and lessons-learnt and cost-analysis exercises. Understanding of the safety practices and governmental regulations pertaining to drilling, and possesses valuable team-leadership skills from working as an on-site project coordinator during drilling operations.

Professional Experience (Selected)

2016–2013. Business Development and Project Manager, East Africa, Kenya-Nairobi. Baker Hughes, USA.

2013–2011. Operations Manager, Project Coordinator, and Senior Drilling Engineer, Geothermal Resource Group, California, USA.

2007–2010. Drilling Supervisor and Drilling Engineer, Geothermal Resource Group, California, USA.

2005–2007. Drilling Engineer, Mighty River Power Ltd., New Zealand.

2002–2004. Field Supervisor, Geoservices Eastern Inc., Indonesia.

Publications (Selected)

“Foam Cementing,” GRC (2009) and WGC (2010).

“Micronised Cellulose to Control Loss Circulation,” GRC (2010).

“Drilling Top Hole Using Aerated Fluid in Hawaii,” Ormat/GRC (2011).

“Reverse Circulation Cementing,” GRC (2011)

“Integrated Services Achieve Multistring Casing Exit and Redrill in Geothermal Well,” GRC (2012), 4th African Rift Geothermal Conference (November 2012), WGC (2015), and GEOEACE (2015).

“Reverse Foam Latex Cementing Case Study,” PGV/GRC (2013).

“Technical Presentation of the African Union Code of Geothermal Drilling Practices,” 4th GRMF meeting, AU, Addis Ababa (June 2016).


MS, Petroleum Technology (distinction). Pune University, India, June 1991.

MS, Engineering Management. National University, San Diego, CA, USA, June 2014.