Exploration is the first step in developing a geothermal resource. Dewhurst Group (DG) provides pragmatic, cost-effective solutions for both surface and subsurface operations. Exploration services range from early remote-sensing applications, to surface geoscientific studies such as geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. We also provide review, legacy-data, and data-gap analysis.

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Development efforts are vital to progressing from an explored resource to a confirmed, bankable, and profitable project. After a geothermal resource has been identified, assessed, and deemed fit for exploitation, development becomes the key step toward financing, construction, and eventual power generation. DG’s all-encompassing services include but are not limited to: geothermal drilling, well design, well siting, civil work, geotechnical designs, infrastructure, social impact, environmental impact, and capacity building.

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Financial services for geothermal resource development and maintenance are a long-term investment that requires front-end financing for risk-intensive projects such as production drilling and power plant construction. Financing is readily available through various global institutions with which DG has extensive experience, providing our clients with valuable insights for the application process, proposals, and execution plans. Please see for more information.

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