Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico

Key Project Information

Purpose: Geothermal Exploration for Electric Power Generation
Method: Double Blind Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey / Broadband Magnetotellurics (BMT) and Low-frequency Magnetotellurics (LMT)
Location: Pueblo of Jemez, New Mexico
Client: TBA Power, Inc. www.tbapower.com
End-User: Pueblo of Jemez, U.S. Department of Energy
Dates: 2010 - 2011
Main Survey Area: 10 km2
Extended Survey Area: 37 km2
Total number of MT Stations: 154
Client Reference: Mr. Michael Albrecht, President TBA Power, Inc. 2825 East Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 500 Salt Lake City, Utah 84121-7055 Cell US + 1-801-828-0114

Project Summary

Dewhurst Group, L.L.C. (DG) was competitively selected by TBA Power, Inc. (TBA) to participate in Department of Energy Grant DE-FOA-0000109: Validation of Innovative Exploration Technologies within the Pueblo of Jemez. The purpose of the project was “to utilize different technologies to image and locate geothermal reservoirs at Jemez, New Mexico”. DG exclusively provided all MT information used for the project. Jemez, New Mexico is located approximately 30 miles South West of Valles Caldera National Preserve, a known and active geothermal region. Other project methods included geologic mapping, geochemistry and unique seismic data processing provided by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. DG was responsible for all final resistivity imaging.

Statement of Work

Work was performed using a phased approach:

™™Phase 1: Test and Design

  • Calibration, geo-electric strike and dimensionality analysis
  • Survey Design

™™Phase 2: Field Work

  • 130 BMT stations (soundings)
  • 24 LMT stations
  • Near-real time processing in the field

™™Phase 3: Data Analysis

  • Calculation of transfer functions
  • 1-D station inversions
  • 2-D profile inversions
  • 13 BMT Profiles
  • 14 LMT Profiles

™™Phase 4: 3-D modeling and Final Report

  • 3-D renderings from 1-D results
  • 3-D renderings from 2-D results (e.g., 2.5-D inversion)
  • 3-D unconstrained inversions
  • Comparison of all results for robust resistivity imaging and interpretation

Final products and deliverables included:

  • ™™Written Project Report
  • ™™Drilling Recommendations
  • ™™Digital Data

All MT data were acquired using DG proprietary (e.g., non-commercial) instrumentation, techniques, analysis tools and software.

Environment, Safety, and Cultural Awareness

DG is committed to minimally disrupting the land, stimulating the local economy and respecting native culture. DG’s methods 1.) are non-ground disturbing, 2.) did not require an Environmental Impact Statement under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and 3.) qualified for a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Further, DG coordinated all field work with the Jemez Department of Resource Protection (DRP) and trained and employed three previously unemployed Jemez tribal members. No injuries were incurred during this accident-free survey.

Schedule and Budget

All field work was completed within three weeks and final results delivered within 60 days of data acquisition. All work was completed at a cost 18% below DG's initial estimate.