Geothermal-resource development is a long-term investment that requires front-end financing for risk-intensive activities such as production drilling and power-plant construction. Financing is readily available through various global institutions with which DG has extensive experience, and we can provide our clients with valuable insights for the navigating the application process, drafting proposals, and executing plans.
DG does not explore for fuels that impact climate change (notably, hydrocarbons), and has a policy of promoting socially responsible development through its institutional membership in the Society for International Development (Washington, DC chapter). DG has operating offices in Colombia and representative offices in Mexico and Chile. Past work has included projects funded by the United States Trade and Development Agency, the Inter-American Development Bank, and various governmental institutions.

Latin American Geothermal Development Facility (IDA Fund Management)

Using a similar approach to geothermal development in East Africa, KfW will provide feasibility study funding and exploratory drilling to qualified developers in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as a technical-assistance forum for various stakeholders. It is envisioned that the fund will leverage the European Union and German government investment with other donor institutions to aggressively develop geothermal resources in Latin America as an important source of renewable power to enhance the energy portfolio of the region.
After a rigorous international tendering process, KfW has selected a consortium to manage the fund, which will provide both technical and financial expertise. The consortium consists of:

• Interlink Capital Strategies, a Washington, DC: based management consulting firm and financial advisor well known in the Export Credit Agency (ECA) and Development Finance Institution (DFI) space.
• Dewhurst Group, LLC, a Washington, DC: based geothermal exploration and development company with international experience and offices within Latin America.
• Ambata Capital: an investment and advisory firm focused on sustainability and alternative energy. Chris McCormick, a partner with Ambata, will serve as the Senior Investment Officer in the consortium. McCormick has championed Ambata’s investments and initiatives in the geothermal sector and various related projects.