Geologist with Dewhurst Group since 2015. Experience in field operations, data acquisition, and geological mapping at the Nereidas Valley Project in 2013. Work on SPAN analysis, Geothermal Exploration of East African Rift interpretation, using Geographical Information Systems for the characterization of geothermal prospects.

Professional Experience

2013–Present. Geologist, Dewhurst Group, LLC.

  • 2015: Geothermal Project Nereidas Valley Phase II, CHEC/EPM. CFE Investment Grant for the Geothermal Financing and Risk Transfer Program, #ME-G1005-SN3. Geophysical data acquisition with magnetometry and gravimetry equipment. Laboratory and field geology.
  • 2015: SPAN (Spatial Spectral Analysis) of the geomagnetic and gravimetric signals covering the East African Rift. Interpretation of magnetometry and gravimetry geophysical profiles to identify areas of exploratory interest.
  • 2013: Geologist, Nereidas Valley Phase I, CHEC/EPM. Assembly, operation, and data collection of Low Frequency (LMT) and Broadband (BMT) Magnetotelluric surveys.


BS, Geology, University of Caldas, Manizales, Caldas, Colombia, 2014.